My Story

After fifteen years working as a senior fashion and accessories buyer in the fashion industry, I knew the time was right to find a new way to embrace my creativity and 46 Stitch was born.

My dream was to create a lifestyle brand combining all the elements I felt best reflected my own style while supporting people and the planet to produce collections that were desirable, practical and impacted in a positive way. 

I thought a lot about how 46 Stitch could be a solution to our wardrobe conundrums, providing elevated and practical shopping options that allowed my customers to discover thoughtfully-made, high-quality, unique additions to their wardrobes, clothes and accessories that stand the test of time.

Celebrating traditional artisan crafts including wood-block print, hand-embellishment and embroidery was central to the vision of my brand and I knew it would allow me to support a community of craftspeople I admire and have worked with throughout my career.